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XRAY-227941 - Envoy proxy decompressor memory exhaustion DoS

CVE-2022-29225 | CVSS 7.5

JFrog Severity:high

Discovered ByOri Hollanderof the JFrog Security Research Team

Published 9 Jun, 2022 | Last updated 9 Jun, 2022

A memory exhaustion issue in Envoy Proxy's decompressors can allow a remote attacker to perform denial of service

Envoy Proxy

Envoy Proxy (,1.19.5)|(,1.20.4)|(,1.21.3)|(,1.22.1), fixed in [1.19.5]|[1.20.4]|[1.21.3]|[1.22.1]

The Envoy proxy has the possibility to decompress Gzip and Brotli data. These features can be enabled via configuration, by adding the relevant filters. For example, to enable Brotli decompression, the following filter could be added under http_filters in the envoy.yaml configuration file:

name: decompressor
    "@type": type.googleapis.com/envoy.extensions.filters.http.decompressor.v3.Decompressor
        name: basic
                "@type": type.googleapis.com/envoy.extensions.compression.brotli.decompressor.v3.Brotli

The code that is in charge of decompressing the user supplied data does not implement a size limit for the output buffer, allowing the buffering of virtually unlimited amounts of data by accumulating all the extracted data into one large buffer before sending it upstream. An attacker can send a simple Brotli Zip Bomb (a small zip file that decompresses to a very large file) that can cause severe performance issues or crash the Envoy process due to memory exhaustion.

Note that while the vulnerability's root cause exists in both the Gzip and Brotli decompressors, a crashing payload was only demonstrated on the Brotli decompressor (since no Gzip payload was able to exhaust enough memory to cause a crash)

curl -v -H "Content-Encoding: br" -H "Expect:" --data-binary @10GB.br

Where 10GB.br is a Brotli-compressed file that decompresses to 10GB

If upgrading is not possible, make sure that your configuration does not allow Brotli decompression. The Brotli decompressor (type.googleapis.com/envoy.extensions.compression.brotli.decompressor.v3.Brotli) can either be completely removed, or replaced with the Gzip decompressor (type.googleapis.com/envoy.extensions.compression.gzip.decompressor.v3.Gzip)

(JFrog) Denial of Service Vulnerability in Envoy Proxy – CVE-2022-29225


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