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XRAY-194053 - NicheStack ICMP payload OOB-R

CVE-2020-35684 | CVSS 7.5

JFrog Severity:high

Discovered ByDenys Vozniukof the JFrog Security Research Team

Published 4 Aug, 2021 | Last updated 4 Aug, 2021

NicheStack ICMP IP payload size read out of bounds

InterNiche TCP/IP stack

InterNiche (, 4.3), fixed in 4.3

NicheStack code that parses TCP packets relies on an unchecked value of the IP payload size (extracted from the IP header) to compute the length of the TCP payload within the TCP checksum computation function. When the IP payload size is set to be smaller than the size of the IP header, the TCP checksum computation function may read out of bounds. A low-impact write-out-of-bounds is also possible

No PoC is supplied for this issue

No vulnerability mitigations are supplied for this issue

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