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XRAY-141192 - XSS in NanoHTTPD

CVE-2020-13697 | CVSS 6.1

JFrog Severity:high

Discovered ByAndrey Polkovnychenkoof the JFrog Security Research Team

Published 23 Feb, 2021 | Last updated 23 Feb, 2021

An attacker can run malicious JavaScript code due to an XSS in the GeneralHandler GET handler.


NanoHTTPD (,2.3.1), fixed in [2.3.2]

An issue was discovered in RouterNanoHTTPD.java in NanoHTTPD through 2.3.1. The GeneralHandler class implements a basic GET handler that prints debug information as an HTML page. Any web server that extends this class without implementing its own GET handler is vulnerable to reflected XSS, because the GeneralHandler GET handler prints user input passed through the query string without any sanitization.


Implement a different general GET handler that does not use user-input



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